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Go-Clean (Grease & Oil are good for machines. NOT for you)



The Question:
Frequent usage of vehicles leads to collection of thick layer of oil and dirt on the vehicle body, especially on the engine surface. This slows down cooling of engines leading to wear and tear. How to get rid of this muck without affecting the paint and damaging the engine?

The Answer:
Use EBS-F2. A unique product to get rid of oil and dirt from your vehicle’s engine. Get a sparkling surface finish and better efficiency from the engine.

The “How-to”:
Use EBS-F2 by applying to the dirty surface with use of a brush or spray. The hardened dirt loosens up and can be easily removed with water.

Note: The liquid should not be handled with bare hands. Use brush/spray.

The Advantages:

  • EBS-F2 is a proven advanced formula meant specifically for cleaning of engine surfaces
  • Cost effective as the per wash cost is lower compared with other cleaning agents
  • Safe on metallic surface and does not harm paint
  • Environmentally safe and non-inflammable
  EBS-F2 has been very well accepted at KSRTC Depots and at South Western Railways servicing stations and has received   great appreciation.

  Evolution of EBS-F2:

  During visits it was noticed that the engine and body surface of the vehicles gather a lot of oil and dust which makes a
  cake l  ike layer on the surface. This layer slows down the cooling of the engines leading to heavy wear and tear.
  Getting rid of this muck is a big task for the Garages and service stations

  As a solution, we have developed a product called Engine and Body Surface CLEANER-Formula II (EBS-CLEAN F2}. It is a   non reactive solution which has to be applied to the dirty surface by a brush. Within few minutes the caked and hardened     dirt loosens up and can be easily removed with water jet washing. The product is safe for the metallic surface and also   harmless for the workers. It does not catch fire and is environmentally safe
  The product is available in following packs: (mrp incl of VAT)  

        1                                      Lit                                     115.0O
        5                                      Lit                                     380.00
        20                                    Lit                                     1350.00



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