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Go-Clean (Grease & Oil are good for machines. NOT for you)



  1. GLAS-O-KLEEN cleans glass surface as nothing else can.
  2. The glossiness and transparency of glass is regained without a sweat.
  3. GLAS-O-KLEEN is safe for glass, and the metallic frame and beadings around.
  4. GLAS-O-KLEEN like all other GO CLEAN products is biodegradable, environmentally safe and pollution free.
  5. GLAS-O-KLEEN is available with all leading petrol bunks, vehicle spare part shops and retailers.
  6. GLAS-O-KLEEN is simple to use.

Directions for use: give an even spray using the spray gun, covering the whole of the glass area.Wipe clean with tissue paper/soft news paper.  Repeat if the glass has heavy dirt.

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