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MOTOWASH is a product of Goclean Products Pvt ltd.
It is a scientifically prepared shampoo with following advantages:

  1. MOTOWASH is very effective in cleaning dirt, mud, traffic grime from the surfaces of vehicles.
  2. 10 ml of MOTOWASH is more than enough to clean any class of mid sized vehicles. Bus and Lorries may need not more than 20 ml.
  3. MOTOWASH is formulated to effectively remove dirt, without affecting the paint/exterior of the body
  4. MOTOWASH is gentle of the users skin
  5.  MOTOWASH is not affected by hard water.  So, even bore well water with high TDS will give equally good wash.
  6. MOTOWASH like all other GO CLEAN products, is environmentally safe and not polluting.
  7. MOTOWASH is available in Sachet and bulk packing to suit your needs.
  8. MOTOWASH is available at an MRP of Rs. 5 per 10 ml. Bulk packings of 1ltr and 5 ltr are also available.
   MOTOWASH is available with all leading petrol bunks, vehicle spare part shops and retailers
Go-Clean (Grease & Oil are good for machines. NOT for you)
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