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     CHEMI CULTURE (INDIA) Products :


Manufacturers and Suppliers of Fine Chemicals :

Di nitro Salicylic Acid Ammonium Borate Barium Borate
Benzamide Butyl Borate Calcium Borate
Calcium Oxalate Copper Borate Copper Oxalate
Di Tert.Butyl Hydro Quinone Lead Borate Lead Phosphate
Magnesiium Oxalate Magnesium Borate Meta-Nitrophenol
Mono Sodium Phosphate Nickel Borate Potassium Borate
Starch Soluble Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone Zinc Acetate
Zinc Borate Zinc Oxalate Zinc Phosphate
Go-Clean (Grease & Oil are good for machines. NOT for you)
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