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  Safe & Economical way to clean greasy and oily hands.

  Go-Clean (Grease & Oil are good for machines. NOT for you)

  What is GO-Clean?
  GO-CLEAN is known for its unique Hand wash for cleaning greasy and oily hands. Our marketing executive team has been visiting   garages and service centers etc., for marketing GO CLEAN. This is a special hand wash to clean hands off dirty grease and oil.

  How is GO-Clean different from other soaps/hand washes?
  Normal hand wash solutions are made of soap and detergents, which clean only dust and sweat etc. They are not helpful in   washing hands with heavy dirt of grease and oils. Eg.: for people working in vehicle servicing centers, garages, workshops,   factories and other such machinery shops. This grease and oils is not cleaned even after repeated washings with soaps and   hand washes. GO-Clean is a studied solution to this problem.  It is based on a scientifically studied formula.

 What are the advantages of using GO-Clean?
 The greases contain some toxic metallic salts that are harmful and can be carried away in the skin if all the greases are not   thoroughly cleaned. This is a potentially dangerous situation in India where workers normally eat with bare hands. People get   rid of such grease and oil by using petrol/kerosene or other degreasing agents, which is not a healthy practice.  Because, in  addition to grease, they remove the natural oils and moisture from the skin, leading to chaffed skin, hard skin, broken skin,  allergies, loss of sensitivity in the skin etc. And the smell of petrol/kerosene lingers on.

  • GO-Clean removes the grease and oil completely from the hands without a trace.
  • GO-Clean takes care not to remove the natural oils and moisture from the hands.
  • GO-Clean is totally safe.
  • GO-Clean is easy to use. Just smear the hand with around 2 to 3g of GO-CLEAN, apply to the entire soiled area, rub the hands together a few times and wash with water.
  • GO-Clean hands are clean after the wash, the skin is not dry, and there is a soothing feeling 

  Is GO-Clean very expensive?
  The cost is not much compared to the normal practice of using petrol. It is found that workers use around 15-20ml of petrol for   each wash that works to around more than rupee per wash. 250 g of GO-Clean will give around 100 washes and works out much cheaper. Workers health and satisfaction is an added benefit.

  Where is GO-Clean available?
  Contact: NO. 365, 1st Floor,Rajkumar Main Road,
                       6th Block, Rajajinagar,Banngalore - 560 010.

  Phone.         9964363843, 9880458093  

  Also available with leading petrol bunks, vehicle spare part shops and other retailers. Recently we have exhibited this product at   the KSRTC DEPOTS and South Western Railway Servicing Stations. They have greatly appreciated the product and ensured   regular orders.


Just a little GO-CLEAN and your hands are sparkling clean

A unique product with many advantages for you and your workers. It is a tough job to clean hands soiled with grease and machine oils. Ordinary soaps turn black while washing, still the hands retains smudges. Kerosene, petrol and diesels wash away natural oils from the skin.
Now Go-Clean is available in different packings to suit your needs



  • Specially designed for industries with large work force
  • Cost effective
  • works out cheaper than soaps
  • Sleek and attractive dispenser
  • Environment friendly
  • Convenient leg operated dispensing system

The dispenser is specially designed for the convenience of big industries, Service Stations etc employing large number of workers. Dispensing is done by pressing the peddle by leg so that the workers hands are free to collect the dispensed GO-Clean and wash their hands comfortably. Dispenser is also saved from dirty hand marks.
The dispenser can be primed to dispense only a fixed quantity (1.5g to 2.5g) depending upon the extent of dirt in the hands of workers. Thus the workers get only required quantity of GO-Clean avoiding wastage.

Refill packs of 5 Kg are available at highly competitive price.

250g pouch

for homes, small garages, small industries with less than 3 employees.

5g Sachet

Convenient to carry

Sleek design for complete squeezing

Highly affordable

Packed to give 2 hand-washes

100 sachets packed in attractive hangers for the convenience of retailers display.

Go-Clean (Grease & Oil are good for machines. NOT for you)
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